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WordPerfect Office 12 Service Pack 1

Release Notes for WordPerfect® Office 12 Service Pack 1

You can apply this service pack to the initial release ( of WordPerfect¬ģ Office 12 (English).

This service pack will patch the following English SKUs:
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Student / Teacher Edition
  • WordPerfect Productivity Pack
  • Try-Before-You-Buy
  • Dell WordPerfect Productivity Pack
  • OEM versions
  • To find out which version of WordPerfect Office you currently have installed, see the Version number section below.
Before applying WordPerfect Office 12 Service Pack 1, you need to
  • Restart your system.
  • Note: the original installation CD for WordPerfect Office 12 may be required in order to complete the patching process.
  • Close all open applications, including virus scan and DAD.
Please note:
  • Please refer to the Using command line switches - Service Patch updates section in the WordPerfect Office 12 Network Administrator Guide for instructions on applying the Service Pack to network installations. For more information about the WordPerfect Office 12 Network Administrator Guide, please contact Technical Support.
  • If prompted, please be sure to choose the Save this program to disk option. Do not choose the Run this program from its current location option.
Version number
Each application has a version number, if you want to know the full version number of your installation, click Help, About in any Corel application, or check the volinfo.txt file at the root of Programs CD.

Applications and Components Initial Release Service Pack 1
WordPerfect® 12
Quattro Pro® 12
PresentationsTM 12

Quick installation instructions
  1. Download the Service Pack onto your system.
  2. Double-click the installer file to begin the update.
  3. Review the Software License Agreement.
  4. Complete the install by following the instructions in the installation wizard.
Items Fixed

WordPerfect Updates
  • Resolved problems with calling a merge that uses Keyboard() tokens from a macro.
  • When a user has access rights to share, accessing an open file on a network share no longer results in an "Access Denied" error message.
  • Corrected the displaying of Euro symbols when importing from or exporting to the Microsoft Word format.
  • Resolved instabilities with using an ODBC data source for a mail merge operation.
  • When using an ODBC data source for a mail merge, the MAPI error no longer displays.
  • When opening Microsoft Word documents that contain footnotes, the footnotes no longer cause proofread to underline every word in the document.
  • If WordPerfect is installed, you can launch URLs containing WPD files by clicking the URL.
  • Resolved instability with formatting a paragraph in a text box and deleting a graphic style.
  • The Tools/ Merge/ Insert field button no longer generates a Corel Central error message regarding MAPI.
  • When saving a file in a different format in the Non-Enhanced File Save/Save As dialog, the file extension is updated.
  • When connecting Tools/Merge to a SQL Server database, WordPerfect does not crash.
  • When using the scroll bar after changing the Tab settings and closing a document, WordPerfect does not crash.
Quattro Pro Updates
  • When applying the Euro Numeric Format, a space displays between the numbers and the Euro symbol.
  • Corrected the importing of the Euro format from MS Office (Excel) to Quattro Pro.
  • When exporting a Quattro Pro file that contains a notebook link to Excel, the data is no longer lost.
  • You can now insert column A1 without changing the width of other columns that were resized.
  • Quick Columns correctly parses text files that do not include a delimiter at end of the column.
Presentations Updates
  • Improved the importing of MS PowerPoint 3D data charts.
  • Corrected the exporting of the 3D data chart wall fill to MS PowerPoint.
  • Corrected the exporting of the extended characters in charts to MS PowerPoint.
  • Corrected the publishing of the EURO symbol to PDF.
  • Corrected the skipping of Labels, even if they contain more than 20 columns of data.
  • Corrected the exporting of chart depth to MS PowerPoint.
  • Corrected the exporting of the Slide Title Box to both Master and Current Slide.
  • Corrected the exporting of Slides using the 'Org Chart' layout.
  • Removed the file-specific access permissions when saving files to a shared network location.
  • Corrected the exporting of the Outline color for data chart series to MS PowerPoint.
  • Corrected the exporting of the 3D stacked line charts to MS PowerPoint. Previously, only one data series was exported.
  • Corrected the importing of the Text on Pyramid diagram from MS PowerPoint to Presentations. Previously, the Text on Pyramid diagram was upside down when imported in Presentations.
  • When a user has access rights to share, accessing an open file on a network share no longer results in an "Access Denied" error message.
Suite wide updates
  • Corel Update service replaced by InstallShield update.
  • Corrected the instabilities with Dictionary after upgrading.
  • When using the WordPerfect Office 12 update feature, version 12 fonts now install when upgrading from WordPerfect Office 11.
  • Updated links to several help files.
  • Updated URLs within applications.
  • When Spell-As-You-Go is turned off, QuickCorrect no longer fails.
  • Default language is now being picked up during install on a French OS.
  • Resolved problems with displaying WordPerfect addresses in GroupWise.
Printing (WordPerfect and Presentations)
  • Prints in color when color printer is selected, even if the default printer is black & white.
  • The first print job of an application session no longer displays a "Cannot run PrintServer120.exe" error message.
  • Having several unavailable printers installed no longer causes long launch times.
  • Selecting a label with a disconnected printer installed no longer causes a crash.

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