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WordPerfect Office 11 Service Pack 1

This Service Pack only updates the following English product versions:
  • WordPerfect Office 11 Standard
  • WordPerfect Office 11 Professional
  • WordPerfect Office 11 Academic
NOTE: This version of the patch will not apply to trial downloads.

Installation Instructions


Please Note:
  • You can install this Service Pack on a standalone workstation, however, you should not execute it on a network installation.
  • If prompted, be sure to choose the Save this program to disk option. Do not choose the Run this program from its current location option.
  • Close all open applications, including virus scan, before installing the patch.
  • The original installation CD for WordPerfect Office 11 is required to successfully complete the patching process.

Each application has a version number, if you want to know the full version number of your installation, click Help, About in any Corel application, or check the volinfo.txt file at the root of Programs CD.

Application Initial Release Service Pack 1
WordPerfect 11
Quattro Pro 11
Presentations 11

Quick Instructions
  1. Download the Service Pack onto your system.
  2. Double-click the installer file to begin the update.
  3. Review the Software License Agreement. (After accepting the license there may be a delay before the progress bar begins while the patch initializes.)
  4. Complete the install by following the instructions in the installation wizard.
Items Fixed

WordPerfect 11 Updates
  • The Printers button in the Print dialog box displays correctly when running WordPerfect on Terminal Server
  • Resolved the stability issues when changing Page setup options when editing a Watermark
  • Fixed the CreateDirectory macro
  • Novell GroupWise users can access WordPerfect’s Address Book
  • Fixed the rendering of text in charts
  • You can switch from the docked SpellChecker to the active document using Alt + F6.
  • You can import CorelDRAW 11 cdr files.
  • Improved bullet import from Microsoft Word
  • You can open Word documents containing nested tables.
  • You can edit charts created in WordPerfect 10.
  • WordPerfect Publish to PDF no longer causes conflicts with CorelDRAW’s PDF functionality
  • Resolved issues with some Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice commands that were not working as expected
  • Resolved issues with publishing to HTML and XML using UNC path
  • Improved RTF export
Quattro Pro 11 Updates
  • You can save text formulas past row 4096.
  • Fixed JPG export
  • Clipart and Map images no longer cause instabilities when saved to XLS format
Presentations 11 Updates
  • The Printers button in the Print dialog displays correctly when running WordPerfect on Terminal Server.
  • Added the ability to save shw and wpg files to a network location using UNC paths
  • Fixed “Send to Mail” functionality
  • Improved PowerPoint filter in the following areas:
    • Import/Export of text position
    • Import/Export of font type and size
    • Import of text spacing
    • Import of text justification
    • Import/Export of bullet shape
    • Import/Export of special characters
    • Import of multiple data charts on a single slide
    • Import of fixed grouping of auto shapes
  • Added the ability to import PowerPoint nested groups
Paradox Updates
  • Spell checker displays correct spelling alternatives
  • Closing two scripts during one session no longer causes instability

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