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WordPerfect Office 2002 Service Pack 4

Release Notes for WordPerfect® Office 2002 Service Pack 4
English Versions

This service pack is applicable to all English language versions of WordPerfect Office 2002.

  • You must restart your system before installing Service Pack 4.
  • This update applies to Service Pack 3 and higher only. To ensure a seamless upgrade to Service Pack 4, we strongly recommend that you add any desired additional components and reapply Service Pack 3 before installing Service Pack 4.
The following table indicates how the service pack updates version numbers for WordPerfect Office 2002 applications:

Applications and Components Service Pack 3 Service Pack 4
WordPerfect® 10
Quattro® Pro 10
Corel® Presentations™ 10
CorelCENTRAL™ 10
Paradox® 10

To determine the version number
  • Click Help, About in any of the WordPerfect Office 2002 applications.
Service Pack Installation Notes

Service pack 4 does not contain fixes included in Service pack 3 and before.

Before you run the Service pack 4 setup:
  • You must shut down CorelCENTRAL Alarms. If you don't shut down the application, Quick Alarms may not launch correctly and the Calendar and CorelCENTRAL™ Day Planner may return error messages when you run them.
  • You must shut down PrintServer100.exe. If you added a shortcut to PrintServer100.exe to the Startup menu, remove the shortcut and reboot your system before applying the service pack.
  • If you are using Windows® 2000 Service Pack 3, you should upgrade to Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6. If you are using an earlier version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, some features in WordPerfect Office 2002 may not function correctly on this version of Windows 2000.
  • If you need to update a Run from network installation, the service pack must be applied to both the server and workstation portions of the install.
To... Do the following...
Apply the service pack to the server Choose Server installation.
Apply the service pack to each workstation Choose Local installation.

  • If you do not perform the workstation update, WordPerfect Office 2002 may not function correctly.
Service Pack 4 Updates
The following sections detail the items that were addressed in Service Pack 4.

WordPerfect 10
  • Instabilities when using Advanced Text Services (CTFMON.EXE) in the Print dialog box have been corrected.
  • Grammatik french language module no longer indicates an error when spaces surround a colon character.
  • Doing a Save As operation over top of an existing file now works as expected.
  • When pasting WordPerfect extended characters into another application, WP will attempt to map the character to Unicode.
Open Document Management API (ODMA)
  • WordPerfect now releases file handles properly when closing documents
  • WordPerfect now successfully performs a second merge without having to close the application first.
  • WordPerfect now saves .DAT files properly to an ODMA system.
  • WordPerfect is now stable when closing the "Insert Field" dialog box during a merge.
  • Number of copies, Collate, Duplex and Print in Color options can now be retrieved from the Printer Properties if the "Use Printer properties from [System Default]" option is selected in the "Named Settings" dialog.
  • The Cover Mode option of some printers will work correctly in conjunction with WordPerfect if the user has administrative rights to the printer, or if the print driver is installed locally.
Quattro Pro 10
  • Trying to access database files when logged in as a Restricted User no longer results in an initialization error.
  • Notebook links are no longer created unexpectedly when multiple notebooks are open.
  • Speed improvements have been made for large text imports using QuickColumns
  • Load of QuickColumn saved settings (*.qpx) works as expected
  • Group name not displaying correctly in dialog on first attempt, has now been corrected
  • Charts pasted into another application now maintains title text size
  • Chart labels are now imported correctly from version 8 files
  • PerfectScript will now launch for non-Administrative accounts
  • French-Canadian Grammatik no longer suggests removing the space before a colon
  • WordPerfect taskbar button no longer disappears randomly on Windows XP

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